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Über uns: Unser Team
Über uns: Über uns
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We are Norman, Mert and Leon, the founders of straphouse.

Our paths crossed at an early age in the heart of Esslingen am Neckar. The connection to the local industry was put into our cradle - several family members are or were employees of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

As we grew up, we began to see cars not just as "soulless tin cans" - but rather as an expression of individuality and attitude to life.

And so it happened, the first love, the first AMG spotted on the road and the first 911that we looked at and admired for a little longer.

With increasing interest on the part of brand-related motorsports, a number of watch sponsors caught our eye in our late teens. 

So, slowly but surely, another chapter started: the watch-car cooperation.

Rolex with Formula 1, IWC with Petronas, Hublot with Ferrari

or Porsche with Porsche Design.

How did it go on?

With our straphouse venture and our ever-growing passion for watches.

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