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Limited to 59 pieces


Handmade bracelet from the original interior of a Prosche 911 964.


The car
911 – the legend lives on.
The penultimate air-cooled 911 successfully continues the now iconic sports car series in the third generation. Visually, as usual, it differs only slightly from its predecessor, but a few things have changed under the hood. The 964 is launched with an armada of technical innovations and also surpasses the G model in terms of performance.


The ribbon
Noble cashmere beige meets cream-colored contrasting seams. The 88' strap captures the color palette of the late 80s and exudes its nostalgic charm.


* When ordering an Apple Watch adapter, this is also supplied in a cloth bag. 

The band is therefore suitable for conventional watches and Apple Watches.

A change between Apple Watch and conventional watch is therefore possible at any time.


Due to the unique structure of the leather, each strap is unique and therefore cannot be reproduced.

'88 - Porsche 911 (964)

Sales Tax Included
colour: beige
  • 20mm

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