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Limited to 57 pieces


Handmade bracelet from the original interior of a Porsche 911 G model.


The car
The successor to the original 911.
The G-model impresses with its puristic charm. Not only connoisseurs can immediately assign the silhouette. The driving performance of the G-model set new standards in the early 1970s and demanded great skill from the lucky owners when driving at the limit.

The ribbon
Black is the new black. 
The timeless black leather of the 911 seat has aged gracefully and, in combination with the cream-white contrasting stitching, still makes for a stylish appearance today.

The innovative "Quick Release" system allows a strap change without additional tools


* When ordering an Apple Watch adapter, this is also supplied in a cloth bag. 

The band is therefore suitable for conventional watches and Apple Watches.

A change between Apple Watch and conventional watch is therefore possible at any time.


Due to the unique structure of the leather, each strap is unique and therefore cannot be reproduced.

'73 - Porsche 911 G model

Sales Tax Included
  • 20mm

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