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Limited to 33 pieces


Handmade bracelet from the original interior of an F-Type R.

The car
The quintessence of British elegance.
With the F-Type, Jaguar follows in the footsteps of the legendary E-Type from 1961. Iconic design elements such as the long bonnet and the short tail have been consistently continued and adapted to the modern zeitgeist. 
The stylish appearance is rounded off by an impressive performance. The particularly powerful V8 engine of the F-Type R ensures a deafening sound and impressive lap times.

The ribbon
With the '13 volume we are pursuing the same philosophy as Jaguar with the F-Type: timeless elegance in a sporty guise. 
The noble "Brogue Ivory" in contrast with cream-colored seams cuts a fine figure for every occasion.

The innovative "Quick Release" system allows a strap change without additional tools


* When ordering an Apple Watch adapter, this is also supplied in a cloth bag. 

The band is therefore suitable for conventional watches and Apple Watches.

A change between Apple Watch and conventional watch is therefore possible at any time.


Due to the unique structure of the leather, each strap is unique and therefore cannot be reproduced. 

´13 - Jaguar F-Type R

Sales Tax Included
colour: Brogue Ivory
  • 20mm

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